Some of our Services

CNC Punching

Our highly accurate CNC punch presses are able to produce repeatable, quality profiled flat pattern blanks to almost any shape accurately and repetitively.

CNC Bending

Our world-class sheet metal forming machines combined with our skilled operators and extensive range of tooling are able to overcome those intricate forms that are sometimes required.

Fastener Insertion

As a significant part of Mid Fab’s business requires a high level of fastener insertion our machines have been designed to offer a combination of flexibility and also capacity, with our manual and automatic fed machines.


Our welding department has a wide array of equipment which combined with our highly experienced, skilled team helps us produce welds of excellent quality which achieve the high standards required by our customers.


Our deburring is carried out to increase the safety of handling components during assembly. This also removes slithers of metal on cut edges that could compromise electronic PCB exposed conductive tracks for example.

Silk Screen-printing

Our silk screen-printing facility is fully equipped to generate screens, mix inks and to produce high quality printed parts. Complex four or five colour work can be reproduced using our precision printing machine.