How Mid-Fab Makes a Difference in Manufacturing

By Mid-Fab Developments
schedule26th Jan 21

Mid-Fab Developments Ltd pride themselves on manufacturing high-quality products through precision sheet metal engineering.  

One of the main factors in diversifying and evolving as a business is the training and development of their staff.  The staff then develop skills and knowledge in the different parts of the manufacturing process. This in turn means Mid-Fab are able to produce high-quality products using the latest technology.

Mid-Fab has invested in training their staff in the Solidworks Cad/Cam software, which allows the team to work alongside Clients from initial design to the final product, giving advice on cost-saving, efficiency measures and troubleshooting design ideas to help create the right product. With the software, the team are able to produce or import 3D designs so that the product can be visualised and amended to suit specific Client’s needs.

The staff are trained in-house, by senior team members with decades of experience and have some external courses to help develop skills on the different machinery and production processes to allow the business to flow efficiently.

Support is given to learn to use the large machines such as the CNC punch press with the team being able to programme the machine to repeatedly reproduce identical products for large quantity runs.

The CNC Press brakes allow the products to be bent at precise angles and training has been provided to use software with the machine which allows them to look at the product bends in 3D to reduce any errors.

Experience has led to Mid-Fab Developments deburring their products; this can be achieved manually or on their punch press machine.  This can reduce injuries when assembling their products or gives the required finish to edges.  

Training and support is given on using the fastener insertion machines, giving the team the opportunity to learn about the wide range of fasteners that are available and their uses on the end product.  

The team in the fabrication department have undergone training in the use of Tig, Mig and spot welding and other processes to help deliver a pleasing final product for their clients.

In order to be able to offer full-service fabrication, Mid-Fab has a silk screen printing facility being able to add any logos, labels to products. The team required training and skill to be able to reproduce the finishing touches to products.

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