A Review of SolidWorks

By Mid-Fab Developments
schedule30th Oct 18

We introduced SolidWorks at Mid-Fab with the prospect of improving our sheet metal capabilities. The software we replaced doesn’t even come close compared to the ease of use and accuracy of SolidWorks.

Changing over to SolidWorks has meant that we are able to receive a wide variety of drawings and 3D models from customers and easily convert them into a SolidWorks model;  we are then able to change and modify the part to aid the manufacturing process or to create any changes the customer requires.  It has also helped us work with our customers, as we can easily make suggestions and show changes to their product, which can benefit and be more cost effective for them.

We can also create 3D sheet metal parts based on customer drawings.  SolidWorks has provided the versatility and ease of use which is paramount when trying to achieve accurately modelled parts, based on the drawing we have received.

Once the part is created within SolidWorks, we can easily transfer the finished design into our punch or bending software, which can then be sent out into the shop for manufacturing.

Another important feature that SolidWorks provides is the ability to create multiple parts which then can be put together into an assembly. We are able to view the complete assembled product to ensure everything fits together as expected.  Changes to these parts can then be implemented as needed.  This has benefited our organisation by saving time and materials, reducing the need for manual calculations and reducing the time spent reverse-engineering some parts that we receive.

From here, we can create a comprehensive drawing with a wide variety of tools to show every detail needed for manufacturing.

SolidWorks has helped us streamline the service we can provide to our customers. We couldn’t ask for a better software package.